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To whom it may concern: This site is NOT owned and operated by Dale M. Dunwiddy.  Dale M. Dunwiddy disavows all knowledge of said site and all its approximations and assertions therewith.  And my brother Darren does too.

Now that that's out of the way, if you're still here you know why and you know what's really going on out there. I'm not gonna say the End of the World is coming because you should decide for yourself (but yes it's the end of the world). Not now or tomorrow, but soon no matter what because all the signs are pointing. I promise you it will not be pretty (and I've dated ugly women so trust me on that). When it's GO TIME you had best be ready. It's lucky you found us, it will probably save your life but don't come knocking on our door during the Apocalypse, I will shoot you in the head before you can say Are those beans I sme--?

Sit back, pop a beer and get comfy and let us educate you about zombies and Mayans and such. I could not believe that video on YouTube where the squirrel driving an RC race car, it makes you wonder how intelligent they really are.. Darren thinks squirrels might turn out to be the dolphins of the forest. I don't know about that, the Science remains inconclusive.  Darren's favorite YouTube is the piano cat which I'm suspicious of.

Just remember the Apocalypse is coming so goodbye youtube. Can someone show me how to make a Youtube playlist thanks.

My name is not Dale. You're welcome.


This page is in no way associated with the film ZOMPOCALYPSO.  Seriously.

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