Friday, March 23, 2012

I am not dead (nor undead)...yet

Contrary to message board rumors, I am not dead...yet.  I have been engaged in heavy zombie recon and data collection vis a vis the internet and television programs on the subject at hand. To that end, I hope those people make it to that prison.

While I am not dead (yet), I am very worried if what they're saying is true and we're all already infected with Zombitis (copyright Dale Dunwiddy).  I coughed up something just last week that the dog got a hold of, and he hasn't been the same since.  He's sixteen and arthritic, so I'm sleeping with one eye open under threat of zombie dog. I removed his dog stairs, but he's a jumper.

Friday, February 3, 2012

test post

This is a test post.  If it were a real post, we'd probably be telling you to do something that you better ought to do right now, like RUN!  FAST!  Then again, if the message you need to hear is "run!" then it is probably already too late to do that.

How long are these test thingies supposed to be I guess I'll just keep typing then because it seems like there's an awful lot of space to fill I didn't think it would be this hard to fill up a piece of internet paper but it's a lot bigger than I'd accounted for.  Also, how do we get rid of the alien pictures on the side over there? How did they get there anyway?

(Oh my God.) 

Here are some pointers of things to do in case of Zombies (if I can find the bullets on this thing...)
  • here we go
  • RUN!
  • FAST!
  • wait...where'd that pepto shit pink come from?
  • didn't mean to save that. how do you get rid of bullet poi
  • shit shit!
  • Darren.  Hey darren.  Can you delete these last couple three things?  I can't seem t
  • doubel H E hockey sticks
  • darren disavows all knowledge of said bl
  • motherofpearl!  Someone show me how to delete thi